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My services



On-site interpreting

For on-site interpreting, I travel to the client site to provide an in-person, real-time translation of the speaker's speech. I am based in London, and can travel throughout Europe.

Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting takes place during conferences and seminars. I translate the speaker’s speech in real time, in a sound proof booth, equipped with a headset. The audience listens to the interpretation through earphones. This interpreting mode is ideal for medium or large events, with delegates from different countries who speaks various languages. 

Liaison interpreting
An interpreting service suitable for business meetings, press releases, interviews or trade shows. I interpret both languages, without using special equipment.

Legal interpreting
Legal interpreting takes place in courts, solicitors’ offices, police stations and other justice bodies.

Interpreting rates are calculated based on the length of the event and the complexity of the topic. Therefore the quote includes the hours of preparation needed to provide a high standard of service. For longer distance jobs outside of London, travel and accommodation expenses may be added. Full day starting at £350.


Telephone interpreting

I provide interpreting services remotely, over the phone, to clients all over the world. I listen to the speaker on one line, simultaneously interpret, and speak to the listener on a second line. I provide this service for market research, phone interviews and other types of teleconference.



I complete high quality translations of legal, corporate and business texts. I use computer assisted translation tools to speed up my work, while keeping the text consistent and fluent, as if it were originally written in Italian. 

A selection of the text types I translate:

  • Contracts
  • Terms and conditions
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Legal proceedings
  • Corporate policies and codes of conduct 
  • Corporate communications
  • Health and safety information
  • Training material
  • E-learning modules
  • Human resources material

Certified translation
I am a registered translator at the Italian Consulate in London and Dublin and I carry out certified translations for birth, death, marriage and divorce entry registration.

Editing and proofreading
Proofreading of translations and monolingual editing to ensure correctness and fluency of texts such as congress papers and texts for distribution.